Coming Right Up!

The 11th edition of the Bleak Midwinter Film Festival is happening on February 17t. If you're in the vicinity you ought to come. We'd be delighted to see you, and we promise a FUN time. 





Is it a lifetime already?!

We just got back from LA after having received a "Lifetime Achievement" Award at the Annies. We still have quite a bit of work to do to deserve such an honour, but we'd have to admit we're pretty pleased anyway.




A BLEAK Decade

It seems we've been hosting the Bleak Midwinter Film Festival for an entire decade - and despite the title it has been a flat out wonderful experience. If you're in Calgary on Feb. 25th, please join us for the celebration - animated films, live music and a wingding in the church basement afterward. We'll have food by the one and only Sidewalk Citizen, and beer from the neighbourhood's coolest new arrival - The High Line Brewery! It's February - we're all sick of winter - the Bleak is here to cheer!


1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765...

That's the Fibonacci sequence above, and it's the inspiration for a new half hour ballet which will premiere in Ottawa at the National Arts Centre in honour of Canada's 150th birthday - and we're the fortunate people creating the projections. We're quite giddy about this, because we get to collaborate with the super-talented composer Andrew Staniland , the always inspiring Jean Grand-Maître, and 10 of his incredible dancers from The Alberta Ballet.  We love collaboration and live performance - and we're SO happy to be involved. 

The programme will also include new works by Emily Molnar of Ballet BC, and Guillaume Côté of the National Ballet of Canada. It will be a great evening. 

ENCOUNT3RS at the National Arts Centre - April 20 - 22, 2017. Tickets are on sale now. 

Oops...we let the ol' website slide!

Well, there has been a certain low-grade anxiety burgeoning in the backs of our brains for a while now, and it must be because we haven't updated our website since early last year. 

This Friday we are curating a show with the marvelous Beakerhead (sorry, those of you who don't live in Calgary) all about the art and engineering of short animated films. The show is called "Bleakerhead or...Labours of Love and Technology". We've made a poster for the occasion and you can buy a very pretty limited edition silk screened print from Beakerhead!

Beakerhead poster sales

Oh - and we ought to mention that over the past two years we have done more commercials for Suntory Water in Japan. You can see some of the results on our Suntory page. It's probably worth mentioning that apparently our young English gentleman did not die in the snow at the end of Wild Life! He just moved to Japan and got into advertising. 


Another Year of Bleakness! The 7th Annual Bleak Midwinter Film Fest

The 7th annual Bleak Midwinter Film Fest is coming up on February 22nd. The kids' show took place on January 18, hosted again by Professor Nik Thierry. Nik is an animation polymath, and he showed an incredibly diverse and interesting range of films. The kids (and everyone else) had an excellent time of it.

The adult show is next, complete with Bleak Club party afterward. If you're in a 100km radius, you ought to come! It's a brilliant way to shake off those late winter blues. 


Water, water everywhere

At the end of June we were putting the finishing touches on the second of two spots for Suntory Water of Japan when we were evacuated due to the rising waters of the Bow River here in Calgary.   (Yes, it was Suntory whiskey Bill Murray advertised in "Lost in Translation).

In November we'll start work on three more Suntory ads which will keep us pretty busy right through the winter.  

Mozart's Requiem

Tomorrow the Alberta Ballet opens the remount of their original production of Mozart's Requiem. Choreographed by Jean Grand-Maitre, over 100 singers share the stage with the entire Alberta Ballet Dance Company - and our projections. The ballet runs the gamut of human experience - birth, love, aging, death, war, peace, celebration,'s BIG. We were proud to have worked on this monumental project in 2008, and we're so happy to see it produced again. It plays March 21 to 23 in Calgary, and April 5 and 6 in Edmonton. 

2013 Alberta Biennial of Art

This weekend the Alberta Biennial opens in Edmonton, and we're thrilled that Wild Life is going to be a part of it. Normally the film is seen in the context of short film festivals, so this is an exciting change of venue. More than anything we're looking forward to seeing what Alberta artists have been up to this last year. AND we get to ramble around that amazing building...

The Art Gallery of Alberta


The 6th Annual Bleak Midwinter Festival

Every year we host the Bleak Midwinter Film Festival in our neighbourhood of Inglewood, Calgary. It might be a stretch to call it a festival as it's more like an informal gathering of a hundred plus people at the Lantern Church - but that's just fine because it's always a blast.  We watch fabulous short films, and then have excellent conversations about them during the post-show hootenanny in the church basement.

This year we're trying something different - a variety show featuring films plus live performances by some of our talented local pals. There will also be an animation program for kids, curated by dedicated animation fiend, Nik Thierry. If you're in the area on January 19 and/or February 23, please come!

All proceeds go to charity.


Noodle News

The animation festival in Ottawa was a blast (as usual) - we caught up with old pals and even saw a number of good films! The Television Animation Conference was a fun and intriguing new world for us. We pitched Space Noodles to assorted broadcasters and production companies and received some truly enthusiastic responses. We're excited about moving forward - we just have to figure out the next step....


Space Noodles

We've cooked up an idea for a TV series for kids called  Space Noodles. It's about a cat named Saul and a dog named Pepper who noodle around space in a rocket named Stella.

We're off to The Ottawa International Festival of Animation to show it around!