Oops...we let the ol' website slide!

Well, there has been a certain low-grade anxiety burgeoning in the backs of our brains for a while now, and it must be because we haven't updated our website since early last year. 

This Friday we are curating a show with the marvelous Beakerhead (sorry, those of you who don't live in Calgary) all about the art and engineering of short animated films. The show is called "Bleakerhead or...Labours of Love and Technology". We've made a poster for the occasion and you can buy a very pretty limited edition silk screened print from Beakerhead!

Beakerhead poster sales

Oh - and we ought to mention that over the past two years we have done more commercials for Suntory Water in Japan. You can see some of the results on our Suntory page. It's probably worth mentioning that apparently our young English gentleman did not die in the snow at the end of Wild Life! He just moved to Japan and got into advertising.